“We’re for the entrepreneurs, the creatives, the small business owners, the big business owners and the ideas people. We’re for anyone who could do with a little help pitching their big idea.”

Craig Barber founder of PitchStock.


Hey there, my name is Craig Barber, 14 year advertising industry veteran and founder of PitchStock.

PitchStock, as the name suggests is all about pitching, showcasing and presenting work. Hence the name ‘Pitch’ Stock.

PitchStock launched ( very humbly ) in March of 2013, the idea came from the simple need to have a place to store and download creative pitch assets online.

I often found, and still do find myself in some pretty tight creative pitch situations ( I’ve worked at DDB, Ogilvy, Publicis & M&C Saatchi plus many other top agencies  ) you pretty much need all the help you can get, it’s even tougher if you’re the freelance ‘temp guy’ bought in at the last minute to help out.

PitchStock is that place where you can quickly download an asset that can make your job easier and a lot faster than starting from scratch. We feature tried and trusted, art director approved assets.

Whether it’s a 360 advertising campaign, an app idea, a website design or a business idea… You need to present your stuff in the best possible way, I’ve seen great ideas presented in really poor ways -and pitches lost because of it. People buy into ideas if they are presented well, imagined in a way where the people viewing it can quickly and easily ‘get it’.

Every item on PitchStock is checked over by myself and made available for download only if it is of high quality and a relevant piece of the puzzle needed to present, pitch or showcase a piece of work.

We are only just getting started, there’s much to be done. Our goal is the be the go place for pitch and presentation assets. Stay tuned.

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